i was shock yesterday morning to receive a text from my new neighbour. He was at doha transit and gg to reach sg at 7.30+ pm.. was soo excited tht i keep looking at the time.. so planning to go thailand next?? heee

so im currently sitting for my 1st sem exam but looks like ive been slacking alot.. really alot! i went  out for a movie with frens during this exam week and slack at my fren's crib till late night playing 21 truth or dare.. went out shopping like nobody's bussiness.. enjoying life during the countdown.. wat the hack am i thinking abt.. 

did you know that my body clock is seriously getting worst each day.. wake up in the evening and sleep in the morning.. tried to chg tht but it seems not working.. dang! wat is up with me.. gna adjust it back aft exam ends...

so tomorrow is 7jan.. it suppose to be the day tht ive been looking forward to each year.. but this year, it seems to be a different year for me.. im not in mood to celebrate it.. and i just feel tht its gg to be the worst bdae ever.. normally since dec onwards ill have the best moment with frens family date arnd.. this year ill be having my exam on my bdae and ill be gg bck to kl too at 6.30pm.. i missed those previous years especially last year with him arnd.. its the best bdae ever... urgh! k lets not drag abt it.. anw i saw my tweet last year on my bdae and a pic of me and u and all the presents from frens family and u.. i almost teared..

k next week i have to go to royals and ask for my job back! cannot liao stay home the whole month dg nothing.. have to work.. die2 must work.. yat will be busy with his ns dan with his ups and the rest with their gf and work so i need to work to fill up my time.. atleast i can use the money for travelling.. wohoo! lagi sisters tkde or siket je yg ade.. haish.. mendak liao!

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